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We have a lot of services and products designed for you, all summarized in our small loans that starts with mini-loans of 300 euros, but this is only at the beginning!

Because once you have applied for your first micro loans, the following may be of more amounts and with better terms. Everything to help you keep growing! Either in your new professional life or on a vacation. Keep reading!

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Our platform is the meeting place of many friends, but also of all our tools. What are those tools for mini-loans of 300 euros, so easy! We have a blog where we tell you everything we know about online mini-loans, we help you with the virtual calculator that will help you calculate time and deadlines, you have the social network commissars in which to do your queries and the team of contact, everything for you!

300 euros for everything you need

On our website the mini loans of 300 euros are only the beginning as we have commented, but we do not ask. We trust our customers and friends because the responsibilities are of each one of you. The most common demands among our friends are digital mini-loans for holidays, online mini-loans to pay taxes, miniprestamos for retirees, for sports, for whatever you want … We only help you!

Mini loans in 3 steps, easier than ever!

If you have 5 minutes, you meet the conditions and you need mini-loans of 300 euros or more, do not forget to enter our website. How? As simple as this:

1. Enter our website.
2.Fill the form in two minutes
3. Wait for our response

Let it be known!

If there is something that is growing our mini-loans platform of 300 euros, 400 and much more. It’s word of mouth. Word of mouth is to tell a neighbor, a friend or whoever you want the possibilities offered by our platform. We are a website where we want to offer simple online mini-loans services that do not give any problem to our users. That’s why it does not matter what age you are, if you have debts with , provided they are not with banks, your nationality or your place of residence. Online loans have made it easier to achieve your goals and we want to be with you to get them. We are waiting for you friends!

Whichever mortgage loan you choose, you always pay interest

The mortgage is often the largest loan that you take out in your life. Interest must be paid on the loan amount , whatever form you choose.

This is a not inconsiderable expense for most homeowners. Unless you have an interest-only mortgage, you also receive an amount for repayment of the loan. Someone with a mortgage loan of 250,000 euros at an interest rate of 4 percent, pays an amount of 10,000 euros annually on interest alone. That is a gross amount, because the mortgage interest can be deducted from the tax, which means that the net costs are lower.

Conditions for mortgage interest relief

The tax authorities do impose conditions on homeowners to be able to deduct the mortgage interest. For example, the government has considerably tightened requirements. A new mortgage that has been taken out after 1 January 2013 is only eligible for interest deduction when it concerns a linear or annuity mortgage. With the other forms of mortgage, interest can therefore no longer be deducted. You immediately start paying off at the linear and the annuity mortgage. That gives you the certainty that at the end of the term you have paid off the entire loan amount and the house is all yours. Nevertheless, these types of mortgages are compared with the other, because the tax advantage of interest deduction is much lower.


After all, you pay less interest as the term progresses. With the savings mortgage, too, the entire amount is paid off at the end of the term of the loan, but you have a maximum tax benefit for the entire period. This is because you continue to pay interest on the entire loan amount. The tax authorities also set a limit to the period. For example, the interest may be deducted for a maximum of 30 years. Thereafter, the tax benefit expires, even if the mortgage has not yet been repaid. The deduction only applies to the home you live in, so not for holiday homes.

Old mortgage remains unchanged

A mortgage that has been taken out before 1 January 2013 does not change anything. If you buy another house for which you also need a mortgage, then the old mortgage can simply be taken away and even continued with another lender. But if you want to borrow more, you can only do so on the basis of an annuity or linear mortgage.

The fixed-rate period

When you take out the mortgage, you agree on which fixed-rate period you choose. This makes the costs for the coming years clear. If the period is shorter, the interest rate will generally be lower than if you record it for a longer period. Periods can vary from 5, 7 to 30 years. If the interest rate is fixed for a shorter period of time, you have to take into account that the interest may have risen after the end of that period. Especially if the interest rate determination dates from a time when the interest rate was very favorable. As a result, your monthly payments will rise. Securing for longer gives you the certainty that the part of the costs you pay in interest does not change during that time. So think carefully about the length of the interest period. That can save a lot of money.

Mini loans: how to get them fast

Mini-loans Online also known as Microloans is a way to get money urgently out of the banking system and are considered one more option for the payment of incidentals.

Miniprestamos Online

Such as repairing a car, household appliances, making a gift and other urgent situations since these financiers pay the money in just a few minutes.

What are the Mini-loans?

Since the beginning of the crisis at which time the granting of loans in the banks was closed, many financial companies emerged that offered quick money, easy processing all online and with very little paperwork for what is known as mini – loans.

They are called Mini-loans because the amount they grant is very small. The most usual is that they grant loans of 300 euros in the first operation although in successive loans they increase the amount until they reach 1,000 euros.

Another characteristic of the Microloans is the term to return. The most general thing is to return the principal plus interest in 30 days although there are some that reach 45 and 60 days.
In this period, they receive round amounts that if we calculate the interest charged to us in terms of APR, they reach over 3,000%.
It is also a very common rule to grant the first free credit without interest or commissions as a way to attract customers who in future operations already charge them important interests.

Another advantage of this form of financing is that you receive the money immediately and generally in just 15 minutes.

How Mini-loans are requested

The way to request the fast Mini-Loans online is always the same:
The finance company has a web page that shows on its cover a quantity and term or quota selector. This selector has a minimum and maximum amount and deadline to return the money.

Once you select the amount and the term, they give you access to your data form so that it inserts everything related to your personal identification data and address and then report what you earn and what you work or what you do. The documents to be contributed are minimal. Little paperwork is needed . Basic is to present a copy of your ID or resi dent card and copy of the payroll or pension.

When you have already informed them of all their data and what they earn, they receive an immediate response and if they are positive, they pay the money in the account of the bank that has provided them.

Your trustworthy online loans

Our mini loans are fast and urgent, thought to solve your problems in little more than ten minutes.


Unfortunately, in life there are many times when we need immediate liquidity to solve personal or professional problems. In our platform we know the meaning of money and immediacy, two factors that in other platforms do not have as much prominence.

We always try to apply the greater possible elasticity, as much for its return as for the agreed conditions. And of course, they are technological mini loans .

Although there are many entities that REJECT online loan applications if the applicant appears in these types of lists, we EVALUATE the risks, independently of these lists. Where others say NO without knowing you, we prefer to say, YES.


Based on the fact that no one is the same as your work partner, family member or partner, we have created a series of flexible and elastic conditions in which to cavity all kinds of clients.

For that we have developed a system that allows you to adjust your payments to your request, regardless of the work situation, family or other characteristics. One more reason to trust in our company, although we prefer you to find your customized product within our website. Browse, find and enjoy your money!

Your loans online without paperwork

Without paperwork and without unnecessary bureaucracy. This is undoubtedly another of our strengths and with which you can enjoy your money immediately. In our company we wanted to delete any aspect that is not literally necessary when calculating your request.

In addition, we maintain a close and transparent relationship with all our customers, becoming a close product and whose characteristics make us an outstanding option to enjoy your money.

Do you have 10 minutes? You have your money!

No payroll

Everything unnecessary! We believe that it is not necessary to enjoy a monthly payroll to be able to face the payments of a mini-loans. We believe in the ability of each to return the money and more in the case of online mini loans. Online mini loans fast, agile, with the best conditions and without unnecessary bureaucracies .

Your loans online in the simplest way

Just an appetizer …

Luckily for all our friends, this is just an appetizer. We have a lot of virtues that we want you to discover by our side and from which we will inform you every day.

For that we invite you to comment, enjoy, share and inform yourself through our blog where you can find information related to the financial world, with the loans, mini loans and different types of online loans with which to solve the different situations of life .

Once again, nice to meet you! And now, enjoy your money with loans online.

Personal loans: the good and the bad of applying for a loan

Personal loans are easy to obtain due to the number of bank branches and ATMs available.

 What is a personal loan?

The life of an individual takes place under the idealization and execution of goals; however, it does not always have the resources to put them in motion. But modern economies are reversing this scenario. Thanks to the granting of personal loans , Spain is one of the countries in the European Union with the greatest access to banking entities, according to Eurostat data.

Buying a house, buying a car or financing academic studies is not utopian. Financial institutions give the green light for the acquisition of goods and services. 

According to the study conducted by Eurostat, in 2008 about 98.7% of Spanish households had savings accounts, current accounts or deposits in financial institutions, while 63.1% had a credit card, being the reference person over 65 years of age.

But each personal loan works under a particular requirement; in the case of a type of credit it implies a series of pros and cons in which the financial situation of the borrower intervenes. Therefore, it is very important to define some concepts:

What is a personal loan?

A personal loan , also known as a consumer loan , is a contract through which a bank distributes an amount of money to a person known as a borrower. Said person has the obligation to return that amount plus the payment of the interest already agreed, in addition to other derived expenses.

How to apply in the process to apply for a personal loan?

To apply for a personal loan, banks carry out a feasibility study to determine the payment capacity of the debtor . It is a study similar to a personal budget that includes a record of monthly income and its commitments to previous debts. For example, credit cards – which will serve to assess whether the borrower can honor the monthly installments of the loan – and their assets such as real estate, bank accounts or investments will be guarantees.

Otherwise, if the banking institution handles doubts in relation to the credit history or considers that the equity is not profitable, the borrower will need a guarantor who agrees to comply with the payment of the debt. In this way you can get the personal loan.

What are the requirements to opt for a personal loan?

  • Pro forma invoice or budget of the service, product or good that you want to acquire.
  • Rental agreement for the house.
  • Copy of the employment contract.
  • Proof of monthly income.
  • Payment receipts for public services.
  • Receipts from other loans (if requested).
  • Current relation of the patrimony at the time of requesting the personal loan.

What is involved in a personal loan?

  • The interest rate on a personal loan is the amount that the bank will charge the borrower for lending him the money.
  • Personal loans are differentiated from mortgage loans by the guarantee that they merit . For example, the totality of assets -current and future, few or many- will serve as collateral in case of default with a payment.
  • Personal loans have a much higher interest rate than a mortgage loan . Even, they give less time to return it.

Another modality: advantages and disadvantages of a personal online loan


  • In personal loans the money is obtained much easier and with little paperwork. For example, in the modality of online personal loans the same thing happens. The process is carried out from any device such as a tablet, a laptop or a mobile phone. The borrower fills in a form, selects the deadline to return the money and then processes it on the lender’s website.
  • Through obtaining a personal credit the money can be used to honor various commitments such as paying a large purchase or making small payments.
  • The interest rates of personal loans are lower than those that would generate a purchase by credit card.
  • Fulfilling the monthly installments of personal loans builds a positive credit history.


  • In the case of online personal loans the amounts are not very high. For this reason, digital platforms handle figures that range between 500 and 6,000 euros . Although in a bank the amounts to be preferred are higher, the procedures are also more exhaustive than with this online method.
  • If you pay a late fee or lose a full fee, this will generate a negative credit history report. This also affects the obtaining of other credits with better rates.
  • Handling several personal loans can be counterproductive . High hidden expenses are one of the main setbacks. In fact, you can file an extra fee if a non-payment occurs.
  • To request a personal loan online it is necessary to analyze under which parameters the platform works . This type of credit has its benefits but if not managed properly, it can become a double-edged sword.

The advisable thing : before requesting a personal loan as financial support , it is worth investigating the benefits of the bank or the platform if it is a personal online loan . Preliminary planning of monthly income and expenses will help determine how much money is feasible to lend without having to reflect bad credit performance.

Small loans for Christmas

Our small loan, a Christmas solution

 Christmas trips

It’s here! Christmas is one of those times of the year that have been present since much earlier, it has been noticed since the end of August.

With our small loans you can solve a lot of expenses that lie ahead and then pay little by little those extra expenses that have brought you one of the most beautiful times of the year. Here is a list of possible expenses that lie ahead. Although as they say, scabies with taste does not sting. And it is to enjoy the meals, the company and these days surrounded by yours, you have no price!

Small loans, for big gluttons

You, as we are sure, you are one of those who love gastronomy and Christmas puts on the table, never better, a lot of meals, dinners, snacks and snacks with which to surround yourself with family and friends. The small loans of our platform are an option to solve the economic time of Christmas in which expenses multiply. Maybe you do not need a single online mini-credit to go out to dinner or eat with your friends, but granite granite, Christmas brings many expenses. And in Harry we offer you solutions so that all these expenses are secondary.

Christmas trips

Before the Spaniards we had the habit of going on vacation only in summer, but times have changed. Holidays can be enjoyed in summer, on bridges or on these dates. Small loans or mini loans online are a simple way to set course for new destinations. A ski trip with friends or a couple outing can be a good reason to make a break at the end of the year. Or maybe because of the arrival of the Magi, this is your thing!

A help for so much spending

As always we let you know that we are here for any of your requests that we will always study. We grant mini-loans with ASNEF and listen to your proposals that will be analyzed by our team. With our contact service you can directly consult your doubts, with the virtual calculator you can calculate yourself the deadlines and amounts to return and with our blog, know the details of these small loans or mini-loans online that we have for you. Come in and enjoy our conditions, and if you like it, share it with your friends and family!

Miniloans in 24h – A reality in miniloans

Mini loans in 24 hours are a reality that many of our friends demand and that we offer in our company .


We provide solutions and how there are as many reasons as people when applying for a loan or online loans. We want you to know some of the most common reasons today. Keep reading! You will see how you are not the only one who needs mini loans in 24 hours …

Back to school

The kids are the best in each house, that’s for sure. The problem is that going back to school can be more expensive than other months of school. We offer you mini loans in 24 hours to solve this situation and you do not have to wait.

Books, uniforms, school buses or dining rooms can end up being an unexpected expense or greater than we anticipated, that’s why our online mini loans seem like a remarkable option to enjoy your money in a few minutes.

You have to get in shape

If the little ones go back to school, the elderly go to work and in many cases, to the gym. There are dozens of sports disciplines that you can practice. If you read us, you will know that we are sports lovers and that we always recommend a healthy life. But sometimes, these sports go out of price. With a mini-loans in 24 hours you can get that body you want and incidentally, jump without problems the registration fees, fees …

A professional with mini loans

Many of our friends use these instant mini loans for professional aspects. Perhaps a small improvement in the bar, professional material of the sector that is, the payment of credits or other aspects of the professional world, may need these minicréditos. Come in and enjoy our minicreditos in 24h to make your life easier. You also have our virtual calculator to discover for yourself what you pay for. All advantages!

Christmas with mini loans in 24h

Yes folks, the calendar runs fast. Christmas is already looming. And this does not mean anything other than shopping, dresses, suits, dinners and so on for the whole day, right? We offer you mini loans in 24 hours so that this is not a problem. And is that Christmas is to enjoy next to yours. Do not think twice and have the money you need in minutes.

Black Friday is back

Black Friday is that day that the Americans created and that is already part of the global digital calendar. With a day of succulent offers, it is normal that you can need a mini-loans in 24 hours to make some kind of purchase, pay it in installments. In addition, it may not be a whim and yes, a need such as an appliance or household material.

Bail bonds and money with return

Sometimes we make an outlay but knowing that we recover the money. In this case, bonds are the best example. If you have changed floors and need the money urgently, our mini loans in 24 hours are a good way to get that money you will later recover.

A deserved whim

Work, work and sacrifice day after day. That’s why it’s good that from time to time you give yourself a whim. A small trip as a couple, a gift for you in the form of what you want and we are not here to suffer. Minicreditos in 24 hours can bring you not only a whim, but also a smile. Come in and meet us!

Cheap loans

A loan ensures that you can pay the large expenses in smaller amounts.

 Cheap personal loan

Sometimes it can happen that you suddenly have to make a few large expenses in close succession. This allows you to end up in a financial situation that works downwards. This is often because the large amounts can not be repaid in one go. That is why it can be useful to take out a loan in such cases. A number of things are important for this so that you can borrow as cheaply as possible.

How does a cheap loan work?

You can apply for a loan in many places. For example, at a bank, insurance company or commercial institution. Borrowing money can not be free of course. The bank and other companies mentioned also have costs and have to earn some money. That is why interest on the loan is levied. The interest differs per type of loan but also per financial situation. There are in fact two ways how you can borrow your money. Borrow according to a personal loan and borrowing with revolving credit.

Cheap personal loan

The cheaper form of these two is the personal loan. With this loan you receive the full amount in one go and you dispose of it according to the step-by-step plan that you have agreed with the agency. The monthly bill consists of a part repayment and a part interest. This is clearly stated. In addition, you can not use the money you have repaid to pay for other things. That said, the personal loan is due to a lower interest rate and the way of repaying for more certainty and less risk.

Cheap revolving credit loan

The revolving credit is a riskier way of borrowing. This way of borrowing has two advantages over the personal loan. The term is unlimited and the redeemed money can be withdrawn again. However, this loan often has a slightly higher interest rate, but a cheap loan can also be found through comparison sites. The revolving credit can therefore help you for a longer period of time, but there are more risks involved.

Compare interest rates

An interest rate is attached to a loan. This depends on the age, financial situation and living situation. The interest rates can vary considerably from one institution to another. That is why it is useful to compare the alternatives. A cheap loan consists of a low interest rate. These can be found but this is not easy. For this it is useful to use comparison sites. Providers of loans give their results to comparison sites to get as cheaply as possible. As a result, the use of a comparison site also ensures that the interest rates remain sharp and that market forces continue. In addition, it is important to see if the comparison site is independent. A dependent website can show results that have been bought up by loan providers so that you can not borrow the cheapest.

A cheap loan through the transfer of a loan

There is a certain term to a loan. You have agreed in advance with the provider and you must also comply with the conditions. However, this can be disadvantageous because interest rates also depend on the economy. When there is a lot of confidence in the economy, the interest rate is often low and vice versa. It may be that you started borrowing at an unwise moment and interest rates drop a year later. At such a moment it may be wise to transfer the loan. This is cheaper if your fine of the breach of contract is lower than the interest that you would have to pay over the entire period plus the current interest. The interest rates must therefore differ significantly if you want to use them here.

Borrow and the environment

Having a loan does not have to be at the expense of the environment. You are responsible for it and the environment will not immediately come into contact with it. But what if you die?

A loan does not stop in the event of death and will have to be paid by the next of kin. This is of course very annoying and can ensure that your loan puts others in a financial hassle. That is why it is useful to take out a term life insurance policy prior to a loan that ensures that your loan is paid to your death.

Conditions of a cheap loan

In addition to the interest rate, the conditions of a loan are also very important. It is possible that the interest rate is very attractive but the conditions for payment, the term and breach of contract are extremely bad. That is why it is good to think in advance of what conditions you would like and then to discuss this with the supplier. Comparison websites generally also offer an option where you can compare the conditions and interest rates.

Fast Online Loans

Fast online loans are gaining more and more followers, thousands of people are opting every day and opting for such financial products.

 What are fast loans?

The speed, solidity and timely help are characteristics that have popularized this wonderful resource that we can request through the Internet.

What are fast loans?

They are a type of loan that you can get online to solve economic emergencies. It represents a timely help at the most difficult times. Quick loans is an online procedure whereby a subject, or financial institution, provides small loans for a short period of time. The procedures are usually simple, no requirements or complex requirements are required, the procedure can be fully completed in less than one hour. Due to the mutual benefits that originate with this type of loan, its popularity, both within financial entities and within the population, has grown significantly.


How do I know if I qualify for a quick online loan?

Many of the Spaniards who have ever transacted personal loans in traditional banking have had to face the numerous and complex requirements they demand. In difficult and unexpected times the urgency can not wait for so much paperwork and opting for quick loans is the best option. Anyone can opt for these loans online, however, it is necessary to comply with various parameters, which are basic and simple. The following are requirements that the user must meet to qualify for a loan online in a few minutes:

  1. Reside in Spain and have reached the age of majority: for the request of fast loans online it is essential that the person resides in Spain, within the application form must be specified and sometimes a copy of a payment receipt is required. Check that address. In the same way, the subject must have an age equal or superior to 18 years, otherwise, he will not be able to opt for an online loan.
  2. Current ID: Citizens wishing to apply for a personal loan need to have their National Identity Document (DNI) or the Foreigner Identity Number (NIE) in force, the date of the document must not have expired. Any financial institution will request your ID or NIE for the loan process, therefore, it must be one of the essential elements during your financial management.
  3. Have an online bank account: fast online loans do not work with platforms like we can see in traditional banking. For this reason, the management is carried out in its entirety through the use of the Internet. It is important to have an online bank account where the online financial company can transfer the amount credited. At present, there are dozens of virtual purses and online bank accounts that are ideal for this purpose.
  4. Provide contact information: information such as telephone numbers and emails are vital for verifications and confirmations of information. In the same way, the procedure of contract and acceptance of conditions is done by email, therefore, it will be a key requirement during the management of your online loan.
  5. Economic solvency: in spite of being entities of loans that sometimes do not demand proof of work, if they demand to have some source of income. It does not matter if this is a pension, unemployment protection or any other subsidy. The person must establish within the form what is their current income source as well as what their monthly payment capacity will be.

Regulations towards quick loans

Quick loans are currently in a state of legal vacuum, which opens the doors to infinities of situations. The most common is the indiscriminate collection of interest, the bad habit of asking for urgent loans without asking or measuring the consequences has led people into the hands of unscrupulous companies that charge up to 5000% interest on these loans. Nowadays, the government is in the search, development and publication of new legislations that regulate online loans. Online lenders claim that their high interest rates are due to the large percentage of defaults they present and therefore must protect their capital. In this sense, it is advisable to opt for and opt for fast loans that come from solid, professional credit entities and that have exercised a great track record within the Spanish market.

Tips to pay a quick loan

There are several emergency situations that can not wait and fast loans are an immediate and timely solution to such a situation. When acquiring a debt of this type is very important to take into account various aspects that will help get out of debt without major inconveniences.

  • Do not ask for another quick loan until you pay the one you still owe.
  • Do not fall into default. When acquiring a loan of this nature, it must be clear that the time periods to pay are reduced. In addition, the lenders tend to be very strict with these dates and very severe with people who incur defaults. In this sense, you must organize, manage your expenses and schedule your payment dates.

Compare loans from lenders quickly and easily!

Under a loan you understand an amount that is given by a party to another party.

 Borrow money from a bank

An important – inseparable- condition of this is that it is paid for later. Often interest and any other costs are added. To distinguish the original amount of the new sum plus interest and incidental costs, you call the first amount the principal sum. It may be that you agree not to repay the loan, together with the interest and the other costs, in one go. You then pay off the loan in parts. Do you still keep a part of the original amount that has not yet been repaid? This is what you call the pro-residual principal.

Borrow money from a bank

You usually borrow money from a bank. The person who gives you the loan, you call the lender. The bank is in possession of a lot of money that others have entrusted to them. These people all receive interest on the amount that they have given away. Banks can pay interest by, for example, investing or lending the money that they hold. They thus benefit from returns.

Different types of loans

Before you take out a loan, it is useful to read about the different types of loans that are available. For example, you have mortgage, personal and subordinated loans, securities credit, revolving credit and loan credit and a bridging mortgage.

Mortgage loan

With this loan you borrow money to buy a house. This house is then your collateral (the bank can demand your collateral if you do not meet your obligations). You pay interest and pay off your loan at the bank.

Personal loan

With a personal loan you make it possible for yourself to purchase various items (which are not dwellings). The interest you have to pay on this will be higher than the mortgage interest. Because you now have no collateral, the bank takes a greater risk.

Subordinated loan

This loan is mainly taken out by companies. He will not be refunded until other creditors have been paid. The bank again takes a greater risk here, which increases interest rates.

Securities credit

This is a loan against securities collateral. Think of stocks, bonds, forward contracts and options (rights that are exchangeable for a certain financial value).

Revolving credit

With a revolving credit , there is no question of an amount that is fixed. Depending on your own needs, you withdraw money and deduct it.

Flash credit

This personal account has a term of (maximum) three months. The Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) supervises such accounts. If you pay off the loan outside the term, you have to deal with high costs.

Bridging mortgage

This loan is a specific period in which you need the money. An example of this is the time between buying a new house (must be paid) and the sale of your first house (the money for this will only be paid later).

If you are planning to take out a loan between two friends or family members, you will usually not have to deal with interest (except when it comes to large sums of money). Tip: when lending a lot of money, you must document your rights and obligations in writing in an agreement.

Borrow and time

Time plays an important role in the process of taking out a loan. Borrowing is actually the opposite of saving. If you save, you postpone buying something. If you now have money left, there is a big chance that you will save this in order to spend it in the future. When you are borrowing, you want to spend money right now that is not yours yet. By taking out a loan, you can currently make use of money that you expect to earn / earn in the future (and keep it).

Buying a house

A good example of the above is taking out a mortgage loan with which you buy a house. You do this because you can not (and want to) wait half a day before you have saved enough money to own a house.

Borrowing irresponsibly

If you are not entirely sure that in the future you will actually earn more than enough (more than what is necessary to provide for your living and other necessary things), it becomes irresponsible to take out a loan. In conclusion: if you borrow, take your future (not yet existing) income to the present, while by saving the income you now have, you shift to the future.