There are times in life when we need to ask the bank for a loan for personal needs. However, applying for a loan is usually a headache.

 How to apply for a loan without endorsement or payroll?How to apply for a loan without endorsement or payroll?

Many banks require a number of tedious requirements for the application, the two most common are to belong to a payroll or present a guarantee . But what happens if at this moment we are not on the payroll? What do we do if we can not present an asset or our savings as collateral?

These situations are more common than you think, and depending on the amount requested, often presenting an endorsement with our vehicle or life savings may be the most viable option to show the bank that we have capacity to pay, short or long term.

However, it is also very possible that our savings are not enough or that we are unemployed for the time being. Fortunately, it is possible to apply for a loan without payroll or endorsement. How do you request it? We explain it to you in the following lines.

How to apply for a loan without endorsement or payroll?

The first thing you should know is that you do not need to go to a bank exclusively, there are other online loan platforms that facilitate this type of requirements without so many clauses.

If you have already consulted in different banks the procedures to request a loan, surely you are already somewhat tired and even anguished by the amount of requirements and low amounts that they offer.

And that is precisely the reason why today there are online lenders , because there are a significant number of people who have been rejected by banks or who simply do not want to try them.

Among the many advantages they offer us, is the absence of monthly payments , together with initial loans for an amount that, if paid in full on time, allow us to request another for a higher value.

They are the ideal type of loan for people who need extra help to reach the end of the month, independent workers, with low or irregular incomes. And of course, you do not need to be on payroll or offer a guarantee.

Among the best platforms for online loans we have selected the following for your convenience.

Loan providers

It is an online loan platform with very flexible requirements. Its ideal is to offer a second economic opportunity to those who need it the most, for which they grant loans without payroll or endorsement.

Loan providers offers the opportunity to apply for a loan without making monthly payments ; the money is returned only once and that is why they do not ask for payroll confirmation. And once paid in full, you have no other obligation to this agency.

Of course, you can request the monthly payment if this is easier for you, just keep in mind that, like banks, the longer term interest is.

Loan providers

It is a financial company that processes loans from a distance, they have different options according to your need.

Among the most requested is the Quick Loan , where you can get a moderate amount of money without giving many explanations or any kind of endorsement.

All you need is to fill out an application and Loan providers adapts to what you are looking for. The best thing is that there are no maintenance costs or opening for online loans.

They have a dynamic digital platform where you can request an online loan in less than 10 minutes .

That is the amount of time it takes you to fill out the application and send it, in a matter of hours they evaluate the request and they give you an answer.

You can pay in 30 days or extend the policy for the time that suits you, you can also request an extension in case things do not go as expected and you need a little more time.

Keep in mind that almost all digital loan houses are very flexible in their conditions and interests, but offer low amounts to be paid in an initial maximum period of 30 days.

The common basic requirements are to have a DNI , be over 18 or 20 years old, and be the holder of a bank account. If you see it very simple, it is because it really is, just make sure you can pay the entire amount in the stipulated time.