Microloans, an effective and quick solution in the face of lack of liquidity.

 Microloans without interest or payroll in 2016

Having said that, I have opted to look for the offers that allow you for your first loan that comes out completely free of interest, so it is a good way to try it and then, if you are interested, use it regularly as a loan always available .

Through this promotion in Vivus you can get up to 300 euros totally without interest, so it is worth taking advantage of. It must be said that this promotion is only for new customers, but it is a good way to get fast money in the cheapest way possible: with 0 interests.

Microloans without interest or payroll

Another option that I find interesting for new clients is , which in this case offers up to 200 euros to return in a maximum period of 30 days totally without interest.

A very important aspect to keep in mind is that, although these microloans are free, however, if there is a delay in the return of the principal you can cancel and charge additional interest for delay, so it is important that you keep it in mind. .

The main advantage of these microloans that you can find in 2016 without interest is that, besides they do not ask you for payroll or endorsement to grant you the money, but they carry out an online study of your credit worthiness to analyze if you have the capacity to return it, and in a Maximum of 15 minutes you have the money available in your bank account, ready to buy or withdraw money from an ATM.

Finally, another option available to make you quick money in portals of microloans and that does not cost you one euro, which in this case, for new customers, allows you to request 300 euros to be repaid within a maximum period of 30 days. without interest, granting it in this case in only 8 minutes.

In summary, the free microloans that you can get online in 2016 are so cheap that you do not have to pay interest on them. Of course, they are restricted only for new clients, since the purpose is that you try them and that later you have it as a form of habitual financing, but we as consumers can take advantage of and make us, without the need of payroll or endorsement, of small microloans. amounts.