Request for a student loan to pay school expenses.

 Borrowing an amount as a student

A bank is usually willing to lend money to students. After all, the chances are that their income will increase considerably after completion of their studies. The bank can then be of service to other matters, such as a mortgage or various insurance policies. That is why students are regarded by banks as an attractive target group. Borrowing money as a student is usually not a problem, because banks tempt students to become customers by not judging the request for a loan too strictly. Therefore, no strict requirements are usually imposed on students.

Student loan at the bank

A student can often get a student loan from a Dutch bank. This student loan is usually a revolving credit. The advantage of a revolving credit is that you only have to pay a small amount every month. You always have money behind you to make unexpected expenses. What is also attractive is that students do not have to pay off their student loan with most Dutch banks until after completing their studies.

The student borrowing a small amount from the bank

Do you want to temporarily lend a modest amount to a bank as a student? Then you do not need a student loan. You can temporarily turn red for many banks. That overdrawn on your current account is possible for an amount to be paid by the bank. Do you ever have a salutation dip or is it an expensive holiday month? Then you still have enough money behind a small interest rate.

A credit card for students

Do you have an account with the bank as a student? Then you can apply for a credit card at many banks. With this credit card you can make payments up to a certain amount, for example 1000 euros. The payments you make with the credit card will only be debited from your account the following month. A credit card is therefore an easy way to borrow money from the bank for a short time. Remember that you have paid interest on the net credit card. PIN with a credit card is also possible. You then pay extra recording costs. In addition, the bank requires an annual amount for using the credit card.

As a student borrowing money through a flash loan

Do you need a few hundred euros as a student quickly? It is then possible to borrow money via a flash loan. Via the internet or SMS you can take out such a loan from various companies within ten minutes. The required amount is often on your account the next day. But be careful! You pay much more interest than with loans from other lenders. It is an expensive way to borrow money. In addition, you must repay the loan amount within a few weeks. It is therefore not wise to borrow money via a flash loan.

Borrowing an amount as a student

Since 2015, students at HBO and university no longer receive a basic grant. They can only borrow money from , the Education Executive Agency. Are you a student just chronically short of money, or do you not provide enough job? Then you can easily borrow money from .

Borrowing money at is popular. Many students do it. They even borrow often, according to research, more than they need for their studies. The money is also used to go on holiday or to get a driver’s license. The maximum amount that a student can borrow from is 900 euros per month. Borrowing money is apparently not a problem for many students. Research shows that now a quarter of the students borrow the maximum amount. Of course, the maximum borrowing also has consequences. If you borrow a maximum, after graduation you have a student debt of more than 40,000 euros.

Is it wise to borrow a lot of money from as a student? The answer is in the negative, despite the low interest rate. At the end of your study, the student must pay back the loan at interest. The interest rate is set every five years. The interest may then also rise. So borrowing can suddenly be much more expensive than expected. Moreover, it is more difficult to get a mortgage with a high debt. In determining the maximum mortgage, the height of the student debt is also taken into account. Do you want to buy a house after completing your studies? With a high student debt you may not get enough mortgage to be able to buy it through your desired house.

Borrow a lot of money as a student?

Of course it is useful that as a student you can borrow money from or from a bank. You can borrow a substantial amount as a student. Remember that you have to repay the borrowed money sooner or later. Therefore, do not borrow more than necessary. Do you have a job? Then you probably need to borrow less. You then also have to pay back less later. Did you borrow a lot as a student? Then there may be a late payment later. A payment arrears of a loan with the bank is registered with the BKR. You then have a negative BKR registration. Obtaining a new loan, for example a mortgage, is then not self-evident. A loan from is not registered with the BKR, but a mortgage lender will inform you of the amount of your study debt. Do you want no payment arrears later and do you want a mortgage? There is therefore every reason not to borrow more money as a student than is necessary for your study.