8 Free IT Budget Plan Templates for CIOs


Finding, designing, and sticking to the parameters of an IT budget plan isn’t easy. To create a realistic, well-thought-out plan, the people overseeing the planning—typically an organization’s CIO or IT department manager—must keep abreast of technology and business trends and listen to the specific needs of the company. of their organization. The need to be cost effective when planning technology spending is more important than ever.

Developing a solid IT budget plan requires IT managers to communicate and collaborate closely with other business leaders. Although IT budget plans vary based on the needs of each business department in your organization, a well-balanced plan typically covers the following areas: hardware and software, training, backup and disaster recovery, support and maintenance, telecommunications, cloud services, and various expenses. .

In this roundup, we’ve collected eight free, downloadable IT budget plan templates and examples that are customizable to suit the size of your organization, your industry, and the type of projects and processes you’re purchasing IT budget for. technology when planning your budget for the next year or more.

Source: improve it
This IT budget plan template, created by ImproveIT, a resource platform that supports small health and community organizations, aims to help you develop your annual information and communication technology budget. The template, which comes with a step-by-step guide, covers a range of topics you need to consider to successfully compile all your budget information, including capital and running costs to consider before start budgeting; how to determine when to replace or upgrade hardware and software; and how to identify the technology services you use and subscribe to.

Source: Info-Tech Research Group Inc.
Info-Tech Research Group, an IT research and consulting firm, designed this budget template serve as a reference guide to help direct the day-to-day activities of the IT department. The document includes an optional monthly spreadsheet to help you get better estimates of the total of individual income and expense items before creating your department’s budget, as well as a section where you can analyze data from results of the budget section.

Source: Spiceworks Community
In several chats on Spiceworks, a social networking platform for IT professionals, members have shared various examples of IT budget plan templates that they have modified and used for their own organizations. Todd Noe, IT Manager and Network Engineer, shared a customizable model that his company’s accounting department uses. It covers personnel, telecommunications, software, hardware and other expenses, as well as a graph to visualize the data. Member of Spiceworks and IT manager, Paul Chiodo shared another modelwhich includes hardware and server upgrade spreadsheets.

Source: Axia Consulting Ltd.
Offer: This IT budget blueprint template was created by independent consulting firm Axia specifically for IT software projects. The editable document includes instructions on how to use it and takes into account the costs of the software selection process and the implementation process, in particular the costs of software and hardware, labor, networking costs, etc. It then calculates not only the total cost of the project, but also the total cost of the project per user.

Source: OCLC WebJunction
This document, which was posted by a member on OCLC WebJunction, an online learning community for library professionals, is an example of a five-year IT budget plan for a large library, particularly one with 120 staff. It includes a worksheet that outlines hardware, software, networking, and other expenses, as well as a summary sheet detailing subtotals for the five years.

Source: Vertex42
Vertex42, a source of over 400 original spreadsheet templates, has designed a project budget template to forecast and manage costs for projects of all sizes, including large enterprise IT projects. Users can choose between a basic, monthly project budget or a more detailed project budget with a work breakdown structure format that automatically specifies and calculates material and labor rates.

Source: Powernet
Offer: Offer: Powernet, an Australian-based IT support company, offers two examples of IT budgets that help break down an organization’s IT expenses. CIOs can use the annual IT department budget template to track monthly IT expenses over the course of a year, including staff training, telecommunications expenses, software and contract expenses, and IT staff expenses . With the IT project budget template, CIOs can define resources and track project expenses, including software and hardware expenses, network expenses, and employee expenses.


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