City of Tyler unveils 2022-23 budget plan


The City of Tyler has unveiled its new budget of $228 million for the next fiscal year.

TYLER, Texas — As leaders unveiled the city’s proposed 2023 budget on Wednesday, the City of Tyler says he wants to spend a little more to improve residents’ lives.

City infrastructure is one of the things the city is prioritizing for the next fiscal year. Other priorities include public safety and employee retention.

“You have this ongoing amount of money that has just been invested in maintaining our facilities and infrastructure, which benefits our citizens and their quality of life,” said Tyler City Manager Ed Broussard. .

The city plans to give police officers and firefighters a 5% pay raise. Police Chief Jimmy Toler pointed to the national problem of officer shortages.

“We want to get them into Tyler and we want them to be good officers to use, but (it) has to be competitive. This increase this year will take that recruit rate to $60,000, so we’re starting to bring in those officers. and we want to keep them here,” Toler said.

In the interest of public safety, the police department will equip each officer with new body cameras, Tasers and upgrades to police vehicles.

“As we put this equipment in their hands, we hope to be able to provide a safer Tyler,” Toler said.

Along with the infrastructure, there will be improvements to the brick roads near the downtown area. The city also wants to identify dilapidated buildings and remove them if they pose a risk to the public.

“This funding mechanism puts that in place so that we can manage these structures, clean up these properties, possibly allow for future development and other things that are going on,” Toler said.

Your water bill will also be different. The city will no longer subsidize the first 2,000 gallons of each customer’s bill. Instead, customers will be charged for the total amount of water they use. And the price per gallon will not drop for more consumers who use more. It will now remain the same, regardless.

“For every gallon you use, you pay what it costs to produce that gallon of water,” Broussard said.

If approved, the average customer will see an increase of about $20 on their monthly bill. The money will be used to upgrade the city’s water and sewer systems. The budget will also cut property taxes and slightly increase the sales tax to prepare for a recession.

City Council will hold two public hearings on August 24 and September 14 before voting on the budget at this second public hearing.

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