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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – These sparkling Christmas lights can make your home cheerful and bright, but they’ll also brighten your electric bill.

To help you estimate how much your vacation displays will cost you in utility costs, Duke Energy has created a Lighting Energy Calculator.

The calculator allows homeowners to choose the types and number of light bulbs they use and how many hours they keep them on. For example, a strand of 100 bulbs of 2-inch C-9 incandescent bulbs left on six of our own will cost you 42 cents. Meanwhile, a strand of 100 mini LED light bulbs left on for six hours a day will set you back 12 cents a month.

“Depending on their lighting choices, customers may be given tips and options for energy efficiency,” Duke said in a press release.

The utility company also released a tool for consumers to calculate the cost of running their kitchen appliances, so they can figure out how much it costs them to make that Christmas ham and other goodies.

Duke also provided efficacy and safety tips:

  • Select the lowest comfortable setting on your thermostat, then lower the temperature a degree or two when you’re not at home.
  • Change the air filters regularly.
  • Maintain your heating / cooling system with regular service from a certified technician.
  • Set ceiling fans to run clockwise, to push warm air down.
  • Leave curtains and blinds open on sunny days.
  • Wear warm clothes for extra energy savings around the house. If you are planning a holiday party, consider a holiday sweater theme.
  • Before installing lights, check each assembly – new and old – for damaged sockets, loose connections, and frayed or bare wires. Discard damaged assemblies or repair them before using them.
  • Never use more than three sets of standard size lights per extension cord.
  • Plug outdoor lights into ground fault interruptible (GFI) outlets only. If the house lacks outdoor GFI outlets, call an electrician to install them.
  • Before climbing a ladder, make sure it is in good condition and follow the weight limits and manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Never use a ladder on or near power lines or poles.

Duke is a Fortune 150 company based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Its Indiana subsidiary supplies electricity to 840,000 customers, making it the state’s largest electricity supplier.

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