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Hospital systems in Florida are trying to get creative with the increasingly difficult challenge of attracting and retaining a healthcare workforce.

The increasing difficulty of staffing health care workers: Like many industries, healthcare is finding it increasingly difficult to attract and retain employees in the aftermath of the pandemic. The stress of working during a pandemic has contributed to some healthcare workers quitting their jobs or deciding to withdraw. At the same time, a Aging of the population in the United States requires more, not less, access to health care.

Frank F. Brabec, MBA, Founder and CEO of Brabec Healthcare Management, Inc., Explain:

“Baby boomers need help now, and they’re living longer. So they will stay in that space and need health care for a long time. We don’t follow. It is necessary to meet the growing demand. »

Health facilities across the country are experiencing staff shortages: According to NPR, despite an increased demand for nurses and other healthcare personnel, colleges and programs to train healthcare workers are not meeting the demand. A recent medical group management association survey found that 88% of healthcare managers admitted to having difficulty recruiting medical assistants.

The health system in Naples offers to help repay student loans and pay tuition: In order to meet these personnel challenges, Physicians Regional Health System in Naples, Florida recently announced a new incentive program. The company has launched a new student loan repayment program that consolidates loans and lowers interest rates. The company will also pay a portion of the loan premiums for most clinical employees, up to $20,000 per employee.

Additionally, the company reimburses employees for all licensing and certification requirements and will pay up to $5,000 in annual tax-free tuition reimbursement to be used for college training toward any hospital role.

Scott Lowe, CEO of Physicians Regional Healthcare System, Explain:

“We are excited to have a new way to recognize our employees for all they do and we want to support them. With these benefits, we hope Physicians Regional Pathways will ease the burden of student debt and allow employees to focus on achieving their goals and career success.

Florida Supplemental Health Systems Offering Education Reimbursement Incentives: Physicians Regional isn’t the only health care system in Florida to offer these types of programs. ShorePoint Health in Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda offer similar loan and tuition repayment programs. North Florida Regional Medical CenterTallahassee Medical Center, Orlando Healthand Bayfront Health St. Petersburg reimburses tuition for employees.


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