Headline news: Budget plan for the double payment of family allowances; The convicted murderer known as Boy A in the Ana Kriegel case has been moved to an adult prison


Here are the top stories on Independent.ie this morning.

Budget plan for the double payment of family allowances

The government is considering a single double payment of €140 child benefit as part of a cost-of-living package that will help parents.

Boy A in Ana Kriegel case is transferred to adult prison

The teenage murderer convicted in the Ana Kriegel case, known as Boy A, has been transferred to an adult prison, the Irish Independent can reveal.

Meath murder suspect showed up at Garda station

THE lone suspect in the murder of a 26-year-old mother showed up at a guard post around 5am yesterday.

Students could face Galway-Dublin journeys due to housing crisis

The daily commute from Galway to Dublin and back is among grim predictions being cast about the choices facing students caught in the grip of a worsening university accommodation crisis.

The Garda investigation into a murder 40 years ago has left the gay community in fear of being ‘exposed’

The brutal murder of RTÉ set designer Charles Self remains unsolved 40 years later, but the aftermath and investigation into his murder was the catalyst to change the way Gardaí treated the gay community in Ireland.

The Indo Daily: Mercury Rising – why Ireland’s heatwave is a sign of things to come

“Why shouldn’t married and transgender women be allowed to participate in Rose of Tralee?” Candidates welcome a more inclusive competition

The Rose of Tralee festival is back after a two-year hiatus, and yesterday the 33 competitors warmly endorsed the new rules reflecting modern times.

Water advisers slam lack of planning as warning shortages escalate

The government has been accused of not having a cohesive plan to protect water supplies, as recurrent summer droughts and shortages increase the risk of taps drying up.

Donald Trump is always welcome in Doonbeg where the FBI or their snail slugs can’t tarnish his popularity

Donald Trump faces dark times as his legal troubles mount, but his star has not faded in Doonbeg.

Meet Ireland’s centenarians: ‘I think I’ve always been happy, but I feel hopeless when I look at the world now’

Born into a turbulent period of revolution in 1922, a select group of citizens share their year of birth with the founding of the Irish state.

Joe Biden ‘set to announce’ he will run for president in 2024

Sources close to US President Joe Biden say he is fine-tuning his plans to launch his re-election campaign in 2024.

Ireland’s only genetic testing service for fetal abnormalities at risk of closing

Ireland is at risk of losing the consultant who runs the only genetic testing service for babies with rare fetal abnormalities, just a year after the service was introduced.

‘Accidents happen’ – Putin ally threatens EU nuclear power plants

One of Vladimir Putin’s closest allies has warned European nations that their nuclear power plants are vulnerable to “accidents”, in a veiled threat of Russian sabotage missions.

Collins’ great-niece says ‘he would be proud of Ireland today’ ahead of centenary

Michael Collins’ great-niece thinks her great-uncle would be proud of what Ireland is today as she and 180 loved ones prepare to commemorate the centenary of his death.


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