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Bombay, July 24: Ever-increasing gasoline and diesel prices have broken the back of the common man. As the price of fuel increases, the prices of all raw materials increase. Currently, the prices of potatoes, onions and tomatoes have skyrocketed. Now the GST has added more. In such a situation, the question arises how an ordinary man can eat bread or take care of children and save a few pennies for the future in the face of rising inflation. Money Saving Tips It’s true that rising inflation shows no sign of ending. Housing prices are rising steadily. In such a situation, how can an ordinary man manage a household in this inflationary situation? A family budget must be established for this and some special things must be taken care of. Financial advisor Mamta Godyal shares some tips for reducing expenses in this regard. Mamata says that in the current situation, women need to come forward and take responsibility. Because no one else can improve a woman’s household budget, and women are used to saving. Now is the time for women to step up and use their skills to fight inflation. Mamata Godyal says feeding and educating children is important. In such a situation, it is difficult to decide which costs to reduce. But we still cannot sit idly by in the current situation. That’s why financial advisor Mamta Godyal shares some things that can be used to normalize life.
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Make a family budget
Typically, most of us don’t budget for household expenses. The money continues to be spent and we say it is overspent. It is necessary to make a family budget and record daily expenses in a diary. Then, at the end of the entire month, check how much money is spent on which items.

Write the cost details
When preparing an expense breakdown for the entire month, create a separate column for each expense. For example, a separate column for cooking, a separate column for children’s expenses, a separate column for clothes, write details of transport costs in separate columns. Now the monthly expense calculation of each item will appear in front of you.

Expense journal
Prepare an expense diary for three consecutive months. Now study the expenses recorded in each column and tick the regular expenses that are necessary and tick those that can be saved. Apart from that, keep in mind the expenses that you settle separately. which can be controlled. After studying all expenses for three months, it will be clear which expenses are necessary and which expenses can be avoided. Now consider the costs that can be avoided elsewhere.
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List of necessary expenses
Record the expenses that are very important in the household books for these three months. They cannot be controlled or reduced in any way. Now make a list of expenses that you think are unnecessary but keep happening. Get those expenses out of the house and out of your mind. This way you can save thousands of rupees every month. Let’s see some examples of this.

This cost will be reduced
In big cities, it happens that one or two days a week go out to eat. These foods are definitely tasty. But a week’s worth of food is only spent on food for one or two days. So, eat home-cooked meals. This will keep both health and the pocket healthy. Consider that a single meal for a family of four costs around Rs 800, while meals at home can be comfortably cooked for an entire week for Rs 800.

Be careful when shopping
Make a list at home when shopping. Only buy what you have written in the listing. Do not be attracted to objects placed in the showroom lighting. Don’t fall for the offer. Because in terms of offers, you buy things you don’t need. Avoid shopping in malls. Always buy household items from grocery stores. Because where we choose things ourselves, we also buy useless things that we don’t like or need. So it would be better to go to the grocery store and give a homemade list. He will pack your goods according to the list.
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Believe in cash purchases
Mamta Godyal advises to always buy cash. In such a situation, you will only buy the amount of money you have on hand. We bring more goods on loan. Avoid online shopping if possible. Also always buy at the nearest market. In terms of affordability, shopping away from home is more expensive than gas-diesel or car rental savings. Time will pass too.

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Buy 1 month supply
Instead of shopping every day, buy an entire month’s worth of products together. Expenses for daily purchases are high. So buying things together also relieves you in terms of money.

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