MDOT Releases Record Six-Year Capital Budget Proposal of $19.9 Billion


HANNOVER, MD (September 1, 2022) – The Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) today released its Draft Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP) for fiscal years 2023 through 2028, outlining a record investment of $19.9 billion over six years to replace and repair aging infrastructure, expand transit options, help Maryland’s economic recovery, and preserve and expand the state’s transportation network.

For years, the Washington, DC area has experienced one of the worst traffic jams in the country. But a proposal to widen much of the capital’s ring road has been criticized for its impact on both human communities and the environment. Credit: Dave Harp

The proposed TCO for fiscal year 2023-28 is nearly $2.2 billion higher than the final TCO of $17.7 billion for fiscal year 2022-27 released in January. This increase is the result of factors such as $1.3 billion in additional funding under the federal formula of the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) passed by Congress last fall, as well as as improved post-pandemic revenue estimates and an increased share of state corporate income tax. revenue allocated to MDOT.

“This proposed plan is Maryland’s largest transportation budget, and it continues our commitment to creating opportunity for all Marylanders through a safe, reliable, accessible, and equitable transportation system for all,” said MDOT Secretary James F. Ports, Jr. “The $2.2 billion increase will help deliver priority projects in every county and the city of Baltimore and provide hundreds of millions of additional dollars in revenue highway users to local jurisdictions While the injection of funds from the IIJA is helpful, it is important to remember that the majority of federal formula funding has already been allocated in the final CTP of the financial year 2022-2027.

The CTP project outlines investments in each of MDOT’s transportation business units funded by the Transportation Trust Fund, including the Maryland Aviation Administration, Maryland Port Administration, Maryland Transit Administration, Motor Vehicle Administration, State Highway Administration and the Secretary.

The draft plan proposes to invest 35% of the budget, $6.9 billion, in the preservation of the system to achieve and maintain a state of good repair for national roads, bridges, public transport, airports and the port of Baltimore in Maryland. This investment is $800 million more than last year’s CTP program.

The CTP project also provides for the historic bipartisan agreement Governor Larry Hogan brokered with lawmakers during the 2022 Maryland General Assembly session to dramatically increase transportation and infrastructure funding for local governments through the through the state highway user revenue program. As part of the agreement, the share of transportation funding for local jurisdictions is gradually increasing from FY24 to FY2027, providing an overall increase of 33% over the next six years to help local jurisdictions advance transportation priorities and provide local matching funds to capitalize on federal grants.

CTP Project Reflects IIJA Impact of $1.3 Billion in “New” Funds

For the six years of the CTP project in fiscal year 2023-2028, Maryland has programmed $1.3 billion in “new” federal funding formula for the IIJA: $178 million for airports, $166 million for dollars for public transit and $966 million for highways.

These allocations are based on the federal formula outlined in the IIJA by the federal government. The MDOT team is working closely with our federal partners on specific criteria to schedule additional transit and highway projects.

Additional project funding may also be available through discretionary grants that are part of the IIJA program and other long-standing federal grant programs. MDOT will continue to work with local jurisdictions to apply for available grants.

IIJA funding will contribute to the long-term state of repair investments and fulfill Governor Hogan’s commitment to advance at least one new priority project in each county and the city of Baltimore in the form new highway, public transport or aviation projects. MDOT’s FY 2023-2028 CTP project includes these projects, which are described HERE.

The draft CTP launches the annual MDOT road show. Between September 15 and November 15, MDOT officials will travel to each of Maryland’s 23 counties and the city of Baltimore to discuss the CTP project with local officials and the public. Local jurisdictions each host meetings. To find out the dates and places of the meetings, go to the CTP Tour schedule HERE. The schedule is subject to change and will be updated as needed throughout the process.

The complete project of CTP FY 2023-2028 is accessible HERE. For all things CTP visit After collecting feedback from local jurisdictions, the draft CTP will be finalized later this fall, and the final CTP for the 2023-2028 fiscal year will be submitted to the Legislature in January for consideration during the Assembly session. General of 2023.

“We are all working together to use funding wisely to maintain our transportation assets, deliver major projects and plan for the future – and at the same time help Maryland’s economic recovery,” Secretary Ports said. “Our local jurisdictions have been great partners, and we look forward to continuing that dialogue as we present and discuss this CTP project.”


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