Residents repair the suspension bridge at Rs 2.5 lakh; authorities estimate cost Rs 15 lakh | Suspension bridge repaired by locals


Edavanna (Malappuram): residents have completed repair work on the Pannippara-Pottikadavu suspension bridge, the cost of which was estimated at around Rs. 15 lakhs by the authorities, for Rs. 2.5 lakhs. The bridge connects the panchayats of Edavanna and Urangattiri.

After the repair, residents also put up a sign that revealed the costs. However, this advice was destroyed by disbelievers and this led to suspicion.

During the latest floods, the slabs of the Hanging Bride were destroyed. This made the life of the residents difficult as people, including the students, found it difficult to get to the other side. It is the engineering department of the panchayat block of Areekode which estimated Rs. 15 lakhs as repair cost. They also informed MP PK Basheer, who was in charge of the constitution. But the locals couldn’t afford to wait that long.

Therefore, a committee was formed with K Zakir Hussain as chairman and Yousuf Mundodan as organizer two months ago. They approached Hussain Haji, a contractor based in Malappuram, for the repair of the bridge. He estimated a budget of Rs. 2.48 lakh for the completion of the project.

The board that mentioned the cost of the repair also had the names of Hussain Haji and other committee members, but disbelievers painted black paint on them.


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