SoftwareONE Enhances PyraCloud with Multi-Cloud Enterprise Resources and Budget Management Features


SoftwareONE has unveiled an enhanced version of its well-known management platform, PyraCloud, which provides businesses with better tracking of cloud spending and consumption.

The Swiss software expert’s additions to PyraCloud are a quartet of new capabilities that include tagging, resource management, and group tools, which allow customers to track consumption down to vendor platforms, specific business applications and services, as well as improved cost information and analytics reports.

SoftwareONE, No. 12 of the CRN Solution Provider 500 with U.S. operations based in Waukesha, Wisconsin, found that many of its corporate clients lacked a holistic view of their organizational cloud usage, which can often include a dozen or more different clouds. service providers. And it is this lack of clarity that can lead to poorly managed software budgets.

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“Not only do we have to help them understand what they’re buying, we have to help them understand how they use what they buy,” Mike Gersten, global head of innovation and strategy, told CRN. SoftwareONE. “We do this by providing transparency and allowing them to see all the resources they are consuming across multiple cloud providers.

SoftwareONE estimates that 30-40% of their customers’ cloud consumption can be attributed to phantom IT purchases. On top of that, the company has customers who spend around 30% in the cloud. With cloud-ready products accounting for roughly 20% of a company’s entire software portfolio, according to Gersten, using the cloud can have a significant impact on the IT budget.

In some cases, he said, a team of three to four people using a single app can even affect overall consumption levels when a company’s cloud footprint becomes so large.

“It’s crazy,” Gersten said. “They know they are spending too much. They know the problem is too hard to solve and they write off their budgets for overspending. The smartest are trying to solve this problem. If they can save 30% or 40% on their software expenses, that is the money they can generate in their bottom line or be invested in innovation specific to their industry. “

Gersten added that many cloud providers offer tools for analysis and management, but only based on their specific platforms. CIOs and other decision makers held accountable for IT budgets need the complete picture.

SoftwareONE’s enhanced PyraCloud platform also tracks on-premise software usage, which the company says is a significant differentiator for businesses that still rely on multiple legacy on-premise applications.

“This is SoftwareOne’s value proposition,” said Gersten. “We come from this 30-year history of managing software portfolios. The cloud still only represents a fifth of global portfolios. Lots of hype for these cloud management providers. People are bringing tools to market that aren’t much different from PyraCloud, when it comes to the cloud, but it only manages 20% of the portfolio. You need to manage it holistically throughout the lifecycle. “


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