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In the workshops of the national postage stamp printing press, in Boulazac (Dordogne), in March 2021. PHILIPPE LOPEZ / AFP

The New Year, his wishes, his end-of-year celebrations, his kisses under the mistletoe … and his procession of personal finance news! The first day of 2022 is no exception to tradition and marks the entry into force of multiple measures affecting, upward or downward, household spending and resources.

The year begins with an extension to all women under 26 of free contraception (up to under 19 so far). With, also, a simplification of access to complementary solidarity health, which must be automatically allocated to beneficiaries of active solidarity income (RSA), “Unless expressly opposed on their part”. And for their additional health expenses, state agents will be able to receive, on request, 15 euros per month, paid with balance from January.

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At the hospital, this first day of the year is marked by a reform of the pricing of emergencies. A flat rate of 19.61 euros (8.49 euros at the reduced rate) will now be billed when the treatment is not followed by hospitalization, instead of the current complex pricing. Exceptions are foreseen, for example for pregnant women.

An important novelty is also coming into force for people receiving the disabled adult allowance (AAH) in a couple with a non-recipient of the AAH: the income of the spouse, cohabiting partner or PACS partner taken into account in the calculation of the allowance. . the aid will be subject to a standard reduction (it was until now proportional), fixed by decree.

It should amount to 5,000 euros per year, increased by at least 1,100 euros per child. This reform, which follows the government’s refusal to individualize the calculation of the AAH (therefore no longer to take into account the income of the spouse, PACS or cohabiting partner), will come into force for the allowance due under January, paid in early February. The government estimates that the average gain will be 110 euros per month for 120,000 households. And promises a reform without loser.

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As for the “helping” leave allowance, introduced in the fall of 2020, it is increased to the minimum wage and increased to 58.59 euros per day, against 52.13 euros in 2021 (for a person living alone; the decree is expected in January). ). And the maximum duration of attribution of the disability compensation benefit (PCH) passes to ten years for all the aids related to this device; it will now also be awarded for life if the disability cannot develop favorably.

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